Footscan® Gait Analysis & Phits 3D-Printed Custom Insoles

Feet Street Podiatry offers the latest in 3D printed Orthotics which are designed and based on your assessment and results of your dynamic Footscan. We are pleased to belong to the network of specialist ‘Phits Expert’ clinics across the UK and Ireland.

Gait analysis enables us to examine how you walk or run, this in turn allows us to unpick and identify different movement patterns which may be causing different problems. It can also be used to help you run, walk or just move more efficiently.

Gait analysis is often used by athletes however it is useful for everyone. Problems with our feet can lead to varying chronic problems with our ankles, knees, hips or even our back and neck. Gait analysis using Footscan technology can be very beneficial for patients with diabetes, as your podiatrist can identify areas which may be at increased risk of injury and suggest appropriate treatment options.

Following gait analysis, your podiatrist will discuss a treatment plan with you which may include stretching and strengthening exercises and modalities such as acupuncture and foot mobilisation therapy. You will also receive a report of gait analysis findings. Feet Street Podiatry offer a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke insoles which may be appropriate for you as part of management plan.

Having an experienced podiatrist observe you during dynamic movement and static stance provides the opportunity to understand your movement and how the addition of orthotics can help to eliminate pain, improve posture and help you to move more efficiently.


Using Footscan technology and biomechanical measurements, we can assess:

·       Your static stance and dynamic gait

·       Potential risk of injury

·       Analyse the suitability of your footwear

Another useful component of this assessment is that, if needed, the data can be used to generate an orthotic design which is created by a Phits 3D-printer. This is the first and only 3D-printed orthotics based on dynamic gait scanning.

The result? A dynamic, orthotic which considers the shape of your foot, but also supports different pressure zones and guides your gait in the right direction. These orthotics will help your feet to adopt the correct foot motion, improve your movement efficiency and minimise your risk of injury.

The insoles are made of high-quality material, so are very durable and environmentally friendly. Phits insoles fit into most shoe types, including specifically adapted designs for Football, Running, Cycling, Golf and Skiing for optimal functionality. There are also options for narrower day to day footwear and even tailored safety insoles for workers boots.

Gait assessment (1 hour) £80
Phits Insoles price £250 per pair (Insole fitting included in price)

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