Verrucae Treatments

Verrucae are plantar warts that often occur on the soles of  feet or around the toes caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Although harmless, verrucae can be painful if they develop on a weight bearing part of the foot. In addition, callus can form over the surface increasing your discomfort. Some strains of the virus spread very quickly and can look unsightly.

At your initial appointment a full assessment will be carried out to ensures the podiatrist has a good understanding of your medical history (including any medications).  A range of acid based treatments (stronger than regular ‘over the counter’ (OTC) treatments from your local pharmacy) may be used.  Your podiatrist will discuss these treatment options with you and suggest a management plan to provide you with the best care.

SWIFT Microwave Therapy


What is SWIFT?

SWIFT is a revolutionary system which uses microwave therapy to stimulate an immune response and fight verrucas.

Who can benefit from SWIFT?

Anyone with a verruca who wants to try the most effective treatment available to eradicate the infection. One of the great things about SWIFT is that even if you have multiple verruca on one or both feet, only the largest verruca needs to be treated. The treatment does not need to be applied to each verruca individually, this is because if the treatment works it will stimulate a response to clear the viral infection which will clear all the verruca.

SWIFT involves the application of microwave therapy directly to the verruca through. A generator leads to a probe which is applied to the verruca.

What does SWIFT involve?

SWIFT involves the application of microwave therapy directly to the verruca through. A generator leads to a probe which is applied to the verruca.

An average of 3-4 treatments are required, treatment should be performed around four weeks apart, although some may require more/less treatments.

There is no local anesthetic needed prior to SWIFT, and patients aren’t required to apply any home treatments or interventions in between appointments – just attend for the SWIFT treatments. There are no dressings applied post treatment and there will be no wounds or lesions around the verruca.

How effective is it?

SWIFT emblation have advised that the clinical effectiveness is

  • 76% following three treatments
  • 84% following four treatments

There is no single treatment or intervention available that is 100% effective and guaranteed to treat verruca infections.

Does it hurt?

It has been described to feel like a bee sting which quickly comes and goes (a two second sting each time). If the verruca is already quite painful then it may be more uncomfortable so, but in general is tolerated very well.

Similar treatments / services that could help?

There are many different treatment options for treating verruca, similar options are:

    • Cryotherapy
    • Caustic (acid) applications
    • Verruca needling
    • Verruca debridement
    • Excision
    • Electro-surgery
    • Home treatments

If you would like further information regarding prices or about the treatment, please see above PDF information pack, or get in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to help. If you would like to speak to a podiatrist before arranging an assessment this can also be arranged.

From £45

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